Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer at the Jersey Shore!

I've been missing in action and haven't blogged since we moved back to the beach. My days are filled with taking care of the house, entertaining kids who are out on summer vacation and gazing into blue and pastel skies as pictured on left. This is the REAL Jersey Shore. No fist pumping here. No hair gel. No makeup. The people who live here year-round are laid back. They ride fun bicycles in an array of colors you'd find during an Easter egg hunt. We don't wear makeup to the beach. We definitely don't wear jewelry. Cotton candy should be a food group and SPF is the most important accessory.

"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home."

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What Is Your Largest Organ?

Your largest organ is YOUR SKIN! That's why it's so important to take care of it. I recently read an article about natural skin care. Much of the skincare that can be found in many retailers contain synthetic ingredients, many of which can actually irritate your skin more! I believe that what's good for your insides can't harm the outsides. There are so many antioxidants and vitamins among common household foods. Oatmeal works wonders as a moisturizer. Sea salt and pulverized almonds are terrific examples of natural exfoliators. It's no secret that I love the store LUSH and they do try and use natural ingredients whenever possible. The downside is that some of their products do contain potentially harmful parabens, which have recently been under the microscope for safety concerns. I'm in the beginning phases of a new idea. A fresh approach for skincare, if you will. In the meantime, here are the 4 products that LUSH carries that I have fallen in love with and use regularly.

Twilight Bath Bomb
Photo Courtesy of : lushusa.com
  The bath bombs are fabulous and leave your skin feeling amazing. The scents are very aromatherapeutic. These are my two favorites. I love "Twilight". It contains tonka absolute and lavender oil. "Tonka has a sweet, creamy, vanilla like scent-but with a bit more edge. It comes from the tonka bean, which is native to Costa Rica, Brazil and Peru. Not only does lavender oil smell absolutely gorgeous, it's also known for its ability to help calm, relax and aid restful sleep." It's pink on the outside with a turquoise blue inside and when it flizzles and flops around your bath water, it creates a color similar to that of purple cotton candy! They are so relaxing and so great for your skin!
Sakura Bath Bomb
Photo Courtesy of : lushusa.com

The other bath bomb I love is "Sakura". It is made with mimosa absolute. "Mimosa flowers yield the intense, floral fragrance of mimosa absolute. The smell makes you think of springtime." It also contains lemon oil, orange blosson absolute, gardenia extract and  jasmine absolute. The scent is also very aromatherapeutic. I love to think of these bath bombs as a $6 spa day. They are both huge (about 4" or so in diameter) bath bombs (these are not your dollar store bath bombs!) and can easily be split in chunks to be spread out over a few baths. My kids love these. They've never irritated their skin. We try and do baths around 7 (like once per week there's a bath night with a lush bomb, otherwise it's showers) and they put both my son and daughter in a relaxed mindset. I think it helps them sleep better.
LUSH Brazened Honey mask
Photo Courtesy of : frenchtruckers.com

 Face Masks! I love Brazened Honey and Love Lettuce. I have tried Oatifix, which is a banana-oatmeal based mask and use  that on my daughter (she's 11). According to the LUSH newsletter, Brazened Honey is a "Detoxifying face mask to refresh very tired skin Brazened Honey is made with seven Ayurvedic herbs to deep cleanse your skin plus fresh chlorophyll to help repair the  damage you’ve done. It’s got soothing honey and a detoxifying infusion of sage, juniper and rosemary. Parsley, ginger,  coriander and cardamom help to boost your circulation and restore some life to your face. Now get some sleep! You can’t rely on us to rescue your skin all the time."
LUSH Love Lettuce mask
Photo Courtesy of : lizardhill.blogspot.com

 The other face mask I adore is Love Lettuce. According to LUSH, Love Lettuce is a "balancing face mask for normal to oily skin. There isn’t any lettuce in Love Lettuce, but that’s a long story. But if you want to receive love letters you’ll want a nice clear skin. There’s nothing like a spot on the nose to make you want to cancel a date. Love Lettuce balances your skin with lavender, absorbs oils with natural clays, moisturises it with almond oil and exfoliates it with ground almonds, keeing your skin clean and smooth." I try and use these no more than once per week or so. If the mask has more exfoliators in it, I may go 10 days or longer. Love Lettuce has mild exfoliators in it (a fine-medium grit sea salt) and is one you can get away with using every week to brighten your skin tone. The best part of doing a mask is the fact that your makeup foundation will come out superb the next morning or night or whenever you do it. If you have an occasion to attend, why not try a mask the morning or afternoon of? A new job interview? Try it the night before. It leaves you feeling fresh-faced and I think should be a staple part of every woman's makeup wardrobe!